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When you use Precision Inspection Solutions for your home inspection services you will receive a FREE maintenance inspection one year from the home inspection date! Since pricing can vary depending on age and size of the home, please see below for our home inspection package pricing or use the calculation form for individual home inspection and specialty inspections not included in our packages. Prices for Annual Maintenance Inspections are provided below and are broken into three categories depending on your home size, discounts for multiple specialty inspections are also provided. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options we are only a phone call away at (570)245-8899

Home Inspections Packages **Our Most Popular Packages**

  • Home Inspection Package for homes 2000 Sq Ft and under (Includes Radon and WDO)- $475.00
  • Home Inspection Package for homes 2000-3000 Sq Ft (Includes Radon and WDO)- $525.00
  • Home Inspection Package for homes 3000-4000 Sq Ft (Includes Radon and WDO)- $600.00
  • Home Inspection Package for homes 4000-5000 Sq Ft (Includes Radon and WDO)- $675.00

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Base prices for Maintenance Inspections are for the inspection only and do not include and repairs, this price only reflects the assessment. When you call ask how to get your inspection fee waived!

  • Homes 0-1800 SQ FT: $79.99
  • Homes 1800-2500 SQ FT: $129.00
  • Homes over 2500 SQ FT: Please Call for pricing

Home Renovation and Construction Pricing

Give us a call to discuss an appointment for a free quote!