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Welcome to the website! You have selected the pinnacle of home inspections, home maintenance, and home improvement services. I wanted to take some time to outline what you can expect when you choose Precision Inspection Solutions.

Home Inspections

Ultimately you can be making a great investment when hiring a home inspector, or could be hiring someone who can potentially cost you thousands of dollars, for a great article on this please read You Should Inspect Your Inspector

At Precision Inspection Solutions we are working for you, the client. We have a guarantee, we are going to provide you the most reliable, transparent, and comprehensive home inspection and home improvement services available.

When you select Precision Inspection Solutions you can rest assured knowing we are InterNACHI certified, InterNACHI inspectors are the most highly trained and elite inspectors in the nation. Your potential investment becomes our number one priority and we work with your best interest in mind, we are not working for real estate agencies, third-party agencies, or any other agency which influences our services to you. What does this mean for you? It means client focused service dedicated to providing you with unmatched quality and service.

We abide by the most comprehensive SOP and Code of Ethics in the industry, I highly recommend reviewing the InterNACHI SOP and InterNACHI Code of Ethics. We do not take these documents and standards lightly, consider these documents an insurance policy on your inspection process. We have years of hands on construction experience and carry an unmatched level of residential home building and systems knowledge. Let Precision Home Inspection Solutions put your mind as ease and provide you with the service you have been looking for. Please visit our intuitive Pricing and Appointments page which provides instant quote and allows you to schedule your appointment online.

Home Maintenance and Construction Services

Improvements to your existing home can boast many benefits, whether you are looking to make a house your forever home, or you are looking to boost your homes value prior to selling. Our attention to detail and providing quality work is our mission, your vision becomes our number one priority. From the quoting and consultation meeting, to the desired work being completed, your best interest is always in mind. We are fully insured and a licensed contractor in the state of Pennsylvania, and we have years of experience that allows us to offer a truly unique and comprehensive experience.

Whether you know exactly what your looking for, or want us to help you through the process we are willing and able to consult throughout the entire process. During this consultation meeting I have the ability to put your vision to paper and provide you with visual samples of your expectations. Please feel free to give us a call and discuss what you have in mind.

We truly look forward to providing service to you and your family, if you have any questions please visit the Contact Us page.


Aaron Bello

InterNACHI Certified Inspector/ Owner