New Construction Inspection


If you are having a new home built you may think to yourself “Why would I need a home inspection done, everything is brand new”. You would be right with that statement, but that doesn’t mean everything was done properly. Building Code Inspectors are required to make sure everything is up to UCC/ICC code standards and conduct inspections throughout the building process, but these inspections are to ensure your contractor is building a safe home that conforms to current code. A building codes officer inspects items such as- footers, foundation walls, wall and roof construction, ROUGH electrical, ROUGH plumbing, and ROUGH HVAC. All of these inspections are critically important to the safety and performance of a new home, but these do not cover other major categories of a new home. There are way too many horror stories out there of people with brand new homes who run into major problems because a contractor decided to short cut along the way. Things such as, electrical wire routing, routing of plumbing, drywall, roofing material installation, final HVAC installs, grading, roof water management, and other major systems of the home.

A new home inspection will cover and review many of the components a building code inspection is not necessarily concerned with, this inspection becomes a general overview of the whole home and it will be inspected using the same criteria listed in our Standard Home Inspection. This really becomes further assurance and helps put your mind at ease protecting your new investment. I highly, highly recommend having a New Home Inspection once your home has been finished, believe it or not some banks are now requiring inspections following completion, this is because banks have been through the paces waiting for a home to be occupied because of lawsuits.

You are going to be spending a lot of money throughout your building process and our New Home Inspection can protect those dollars spent, it could become the best money you spend if any major findings surface. We look forward to working with you, please visit our Pricing and Appointment page to schedule an inspection and find more information on pricing.