Maintenance Inspections

Think of our Annual Maintenance Inspection as a vehicle state inspection and oil change, but for your home. For this inspection we will check major components and provide a general overview while working with you to understand any current issues you are aware of. We typically conduct this service once a year, but some clients prefer to have this done twice a year, once in the spring and then going into our harsh PA winters. If you are tired of having to call multiple people to have repairs done on your home, you are going to love this option. Below you will find just some of the typical things we look at and service, this option really does become your one stop shop for maintenance and handyman work.

  • Small roofing material repairs, flashing repairs, gutter cleaning/repair, and down spout repairs
  • Gap, cracks, and air intrusion sealing
  • Entry door evaluation, repair, and replacement
  • Window moldings and sealers
  • HVAC air filters
  • Leaky/wore-out bathroom and kitchen fixture
  • Minor wood and carpentry repairs
  • Appliance repair and replacement

Our background in construction and carpentry allow us to offer this unique service and provide you with a service that requires one phone call.

Lack of maintenance is the number one cause of major failures in homes. The minor roof leak that isn’t discovered for a year, the A/C refrigerant line that is leaking, water intrusion and mold build-up in walls from leaking gutters. What started out as minor conditions can snowball into major, expensive, and stressful repairs.

A home maintenance program can go a long ways in preventing major and minor failures.

These are the types of components and failures we are going to catch during a maintenance inspection. The story line here is that if we can catch these now minor failures before they turn major and cause damage to your components you can save yourself expensive repairs down the road. As major components such as A/C and Heat Pumps age you can start to lose efficiency, when you add in the un-needed stress of blocked filters, uninsulated refrigerant lines, and clogged condenser coils you can be shaving years of service off of these critical units. It is never too late to start maintaining these systems, and the sooner the better.

Mold has become a well known issue within homes over the past 20 years, sure we knew some mold could be dangerous but a lot of research has gone into this field into a relatively short period of time, and there is good reason for all of that research. Mold can be dangerous, EXTREMELY dangerous. Mold grows and thrives in moist environments and sometimes can go completely undetected within walls, ceilings, and HVAC duct work. Typically the home owner will be having some adverse side effects and not be able to pin-point the cause. A routine maintenance check could save your families health, we inspect typical points of water intrusion into your home, and believe it or not these fixes are typically simple. Blocked gutters, blocked down spouts, and minor roof leaks can cause water intrusion can give mold the perfect environment for development.

I could go on for days about the simple things that get left go and end up causing significant damage within your home, at times you may not even be looking at major failures, but cracks, gaps, and drafts that compromise the thermal envelope in your home that could be costing you hundred of dollars in wasted utilities every year. I believe in preventative maintenance whole-heartedly, in almost every case pro-active maintenance is better than reactive. Give us a call and sleep well at night knowing your home is performing as well as it should, I believe in this program so much that we are offering an amazing deal on Annual Maintenance Inspections. You pay the base price for the first two inspections and you receive your third inspection FREE, it’s on us. Visit the Pricing and Appointments page to schedule your inspection, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call!