Home Inspections

Precision Home Inspection

Our Precision Home Inspection takes home inspections to the next level and covers virtually every aspect and component of your potential home. This is the most comprehensive inspection and reporting you will receive as a client. Reporting will be detailed and precise and provide you with knowledge and understanding of the whole inspection process. A post-inspection consultation is offered and the report will be reviewed on-site outlining major findings, we encourage you to take part in the inspection process if you would like. There are no compromises and items that some other inspectors may not inspect WILL be inspected. The clear benefit to choosing Precision Inspection Solutions is the one-on-one attention you receive during the entire inspection process. Below are most the major systems that will be inspected and items that are not required, but will be included in this inspection. This is truly an inspection service like no other!

  • Overall Structural Components
  • Roofing Components
  • Exterior Components
  • Electrical Components
  • Heating Components
  • Cooling/Heat Pumps
  • Insulation/Ventilation
  • Plumbing Components
  • Interior Components
  • ALL windows and ALL doors will be inspected with replacement or repair recommendations
  • Full comprehensive deck inspection, railings, porches, full ledger board and water intrusion inspection with replacement or repair recommendations
  • Exterior gaps, cracks, and draft inspection with sealing or replacement recommendations
  • Full chimney, woodstove, furnace flue/pipe inspection with replacement or repair recommendations
  • Full electrical panel inspection, electrical panel cover will be removed and exposed wiring will be evaluated, visible well pump wiring under well casing cap, heating/cooling unit wiring, sump pump wiring and outlets, inspection of outdoor electrical outlets and switches.

This page just covers our Home Inspections, please visit our Specialty Inspections page for things such as: Radon Testing, WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms), Water Testing, and Home Efficiency Testing. If you are selling a home please visit our Pre-Listing Inspection page to learn more about our unique comprehensive pre-listing inspection.

For standard pricing please visit our Service Pricing page, more information regarding pricing can be found there.