More Than A Home Inspection

If you have read through more than just this article while browsing the website I hope you have walked away with one thought, “Precision Inspection Solutions cares about the service they provide.” Like you, I have walked away from businesses who offer services and often think “Man, how do they stay in business”, and we all know this is not subject just to home related services. Business is tough, it is just a fact, but that doesn’t mean you cannot treat your customers with integrity and respect regardless of how difficult your day has been.

Let’s state the obvious, you are paying me for my services, but in my eyes it goes much further than that. I am not looking to take your money and never speak to you again, which is one of the main reasons I provide a one year follow-up maintenance inspection for FREE. Anyone who uses Precision Inspection Solutions for their home inspection services receives this offer if they so choose, and the logic is pretty simple, I don’t want our relationship to end there. This allows me to follow up and make sure the major systems in your home are running efficiently while protecting your investment for years to come.

The service, integrity, and reliability is what sets up apart, and my goal is to provide you with service for the lifetime of your home. We are unique in the fact that we have the ability and knowledge to provide you with just about every service you will need as a homeowner. Forget the days of having to call multiple people every year to service your home, using those valuable vacation days only to realize you have to schedule another appointment with a different company to provide another service.

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