Why Precision Inspection Solutions?



As a business owner I think this is a question you should ask yourself on a daily basis, why should your clients choose you over the other available options? This question really makes me evaluate my business model and the experience I want you, my clients, to have throughout this exciting, time consuming, and costly experience. Typically you are calling me because you are moving forward with the process of buying a home. This is probably the single largest investment you have made, or will make in your life. My goal throughout this process is to provide you (and your family) the most hassle free, honest, and transparent experience you can have. When you choose Precision Inspection Solutions I am working to build a business relationship to serve you with our expert knowledge and training. As the home buyer I am inspecting your potential purchase to protect, educate, and provide an overall feel for the home of interest. You have the ability to choose many options that fit your budget and comfort level, that is why I created different packages instead of one plan that “fits all”.

Please understand that every inspection plan encompasses a complete inspection following InterNACHI’s Standard SOP, I encourage you to review this document to understand what you can expect from your inspection, I will also cover this in more detail when we meet. The reason I offer more advanced inspections is because some consumers want this, they want the extra level of security to know their potential purchase is inspected to a higher more PRECISE level. Believe it or not, home inspection standards in Pennsylvania do not require a home inspector to do such things as: walking roofing, removing electrical panel covers, entering crawlspaces, operating any HVAC equipment, or fully inspecting chimneys. Sure, in some cases elements or safety concerns prevent certain inspections, but in most cases these more in depth inspections can take place.

This is where Precision Inspection Solutions shines, we are not only willing to conduct these more in depth inspections but recommend it. Yes, there will be an added cost, but a few hundred bucks can save you the potential for tens of thousands in potential missed failures. We will provide intense, truly detailed inspection reports that outline in detail what non-conformances we found. It doesn’t stop at the report, the relationship I spoke about earlier, this is where it comes into play. We will talk with you and explain our findings, coaching you through your best options and hopefully guide your final decision.

I hope this bit of information helps to explain exactly what our mission is, and what you can expect when you choose Precision Inspection Solutions. I truly look forward to working with you, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me!


Aaron Bello


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